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Providing Philadelphia’s youth with financial literacy starts with gaining the commitment from those directly impacting our children’s education. Superintendents, school board members, principals and teachers need to be willing to not only provide resources for in the classroom but present students with the opportunity to realize the benefits of financial education.

Just as important as the dedication within the classroom is the enthusiasm provided outside the school walls. Elected city and state officials can assist with this important initiative by educating their constituents of all ages about the importance of youth financial literacy. This is an opportunity to utilize the resources provided by Bank on Philadelphia’s education partners and distribute this useful information into their communities.

With April designated as Financial Literacy Awareness Month in the City of Philadelphia , elected officials and school officials can recognize specific days and/or weeks during the month to promote youth financial education. It’s important to create awareness during a single month, and it’s even more important to continue the education throughout the year.

The following are a few facts about where youth stand with financial education:

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