The City of Philadelphia Controller's Office has been recognized for its excellent work on numerous occasions, both performance audits and communications initiatives.

2016 - Distinguished Knighton Award - The Association of Local Government Auditors (ALGA) awarded the Controller's Office for its performance of the Philadelphia Fire Department: Review of Brownout and Rotation Policies. The audit uncovered the financial and public safety implications of the former mayor's policies. ALGA indicated it was a thorough and well-documented examination of an issue that affects a broad swath of the public.

2014 - Distinguished Knighton Award - The Association of Local Government Auditors (ALGA) awarded the Controller's Office for its performance audit of the Department of Licenses and Inspections (L&I) Oversight for Private Property Demolitions. The audit exposed the informal culture of demolition oversight of L&I; including undocumented inspections; inconsistent enforcement of new requirements, waivers of required inspections, lack of training and data integrity issues.

2013 - Gold Knighton Award for Best Performance Audit: The Association of Local Government Auditors (ALGA) awarded the Controller's Office for its performance audit of the Provisional Ballots Cast in the 2012 Presidential Election. According to ALGA's Award Committee, the Controller's auditors clearly communicated their approach, how they resolved obstacles to their work and supported their findings with compelling evidence. In addition, the auditors were able to focus the reader's attention on the story they told regarding the audit work and how they arrived at their conclusions.

2012 - Award of Excellence: The National Association of Government Communicators (NAGC) recognized the Controller's Office for developing and launching the Philly WatchDog app - the nation's first app allowing citizens to report fraud and waste directly to a government entity. "The interface is extremely intuitive. Being able to upload video or pictures at a touch of a button is perfect," said a NAGC judge. The app is available for all Apple and Android devices.

2010-2011 - Gold Medal for Best Website: Remarks from the ALGA judges included, "The website for the City of Philadelphia Office of the Controller was clear, informative, engaging, and easy to navigate. The site is well-organized and features timely information. The prominent use of news links and press releases draw readers into reports and the site effectively uses various types of media to convey information. Overall, it is an excellent website."

2009 – Silver Knighton Award: Review of New Water Billing System found that the City’s Revenue Department’s water billing system did not meet the financial reporting needs of the City and after one year in operation, revenue collections had not improved. The audit also found that delinquent customer accounts continued to increase and grow older.

2008 – Silver Knighton Award: Subway Safety: Protecting Our Citizens that helped bring awareness to youth and homeless crime in the City’s underground transportation system. The award was presented because the audit effectively displayed the security risks in the subway, clearly demonstrating why the public is at risk, and provided recommendations that identify meaningful ways to reduce the targeted risk.

2007 – Bronze Knighton Award: Emergency Medical Services: Strained Resources Creating Major Impediments to Quick Response Time found that EMS units did not arrive to medical destinations on time 40 percent of the time.

2006 – Silver Knighton Award: Condition of Police Facilities found almost all of the City’s police facilities were in poor conditions and required much-needed maintenance.

The Prestigious award, named in honor of Dr. Lennis Knighton, recognizes the best performance audit report by a local government audit shop. In 2003, the City Controller's Office was again presented with the 2002 Knighton Award for its report entitled Review of Pension Payment to Deceased Beneficiaries.

Past Awards include:
2003 – Review of Pension Payment to Deceased Beneficiaries (Knighton Award)
2002 – Recognition of Exemplary Teamwork in Conducting Joint Federal, State and Local Audits of State Public School Accountability Systems and Methods (President’s Council on Integrity & Efficiency Award)
2000 - City Hall Revitalization -- A Plan Report (Special Projects award)
1999 - Philadelphia: A New Urban Direction (Special Project Award)
1997 - Mid-Year Economic and Financial Report (Special Project Award)
1996 – On-line Office (LibertyNet's Site of the Month for November)
1995 - Controller's Office's 9-1-1 Emergency System Audit (finalist for a Knighton Award)